• Product Development (Pre-Launch)

    In early stages of product development teams are articulating or enhancing the product value proposition. Early pricing and payer studies are being conducted to help inform revenue forecast, Risk-share or alternative pricing methods are constructed and evaluated.


    InnoPeritus: has years of experience and can support you and your company with Early pricing/Market Access assessments, Product valuation models, Innovative pricing and contracting models, Value proposition development & evidence development planning, Stakeholder mapping, Risk Share development for Market Access and Early access programs.

  • Product Introduction (Launch)

    At this stage, teams are focused on refining pricing & optimizing launch sequence dossiers are being prepared for reimbursement alternatives and formulary kits (field-based tools) are being deployed

    InnoPeritus: Launch sequencing optimization, Pricing optimization, Market Access action plans, Risk share development, Orphan & Ultra orphan, Companion diagnostics, Portfolio strategy and Innovative contracting

  • Product Growth

    At this phase teams are focused on expanding access and potentially expanding the product indications. IRP modeling starts to play a lager role as companies try to maintain their list price & defend margins.

    InnoPeritus: International reference pricing modeling, Pricing strategy defence for new market entrants (Generic or Biosimilar competitors), Risk/opportunity identification and Segmentation

  • Product Maturity

    At this phase companies are refining customer segments and developing specific pricing strategies for each segment. Options are being developed to unbundle services from product offerings for specific customer segments. Reimbursment re-evaluations are occuring, so Market Access teams focus on identifying risks. IRP modeling and potentially Therapeutic Reference Pricing modeling is being conducted to develop strategies to minimize erosion of list prices.

    InnoPeritus: International reference pricing modeling, Pricing strategy when new entrants (Generic or Biosimilar competitors), Risk/opportunity identification, Maintaining & Enhancing value perception and Segmentation

  • Product Decline

    Defensive strategies are being finalized. Customer segmentation is getting more granular in an attempt to capture the residual value in the product after Loss of Exlusivity (LOE).

    InnoPeritus: Strategy for LOE with tools to track, Segmentation, Slowing down the decline and Analytics

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